The Griffing Group’s skills and experience are applied across a wide range of services.

For 25 years, the breadth and depth of our expertise have served clients in a variety of industries.
Located in Chicago, TGG serves clients nationally.

Transaction Advisory

TGG is often retained to provide consulting and testimony when a corporate board or financial advisor has erred in valuing a company that is being merged, acquired, or taken private. Costly litigation can be avoided when independent professionals are retained up front to analyze a transaction and provide an objective, well-supported fairness opinion.

Unlike advice and opinions from investment bankers (who are incentivized to close deals), our services come from our objective perspective as business valuation experts. A buyer or seller who retains our firm gains considerable peace of mind because we have no stake in the deal: we do not broker transactions, and our fees are not contingent on the outcome of the transaction. TGG simply tells it like it is.

Our transaction advisory services include:

  • Fairness opinions
  • Second fairness opinions
  • Solvency opinions
  • Transaction analysis
  • Financial modeling