The Griffing Group’s skills and experience are applied across a wide range of services.

For 25 years, the breadth and depth of our expertise have served clients in a variety of industries.
Located in Chicago, TGG serves clients nationally.

Estate and Gift Tax Reporting

TGG has extensive experience in valuing companies for gift tax and estate tax reporting. We are retained by individuals and families who own interests in closely held businesses and need valuations to assist with succession, estate planning and tax reporting. Our expertise includes determining the fair market value of interests in operating businesses and holding companies, such as family limited partnerships and LLCs.

In valuing minority interests, we are adept at assessing and defending discounts for lack of control and lack of marketability. The thousands of businesses we have valued range in size from small holding companies with less than $1 million in assets to multi-national corporations with over $1 billion in revenue.