The Griffing Group’s skills and experience are applied across a wide range of services.

For 25 years, the breadth and depth of our expertise have served clients in a variety of industries.
Located in Chicago, TGG serves clients nationally.

Business Valuation

Since 1990, The Griffing Group has valued thousands of businesses in a wide range of industries: from established public companies to venture-backed start-ups; satellite companies and semiconductor manufacturers to banks and grocery chains; profitable companies to financially distressed operations. Name a company, and we’ve probably valued one similar to it.

In addition to valuing businesses, we value intellectual property (e.g., patents and trademarks), debt securities, preferred stock, stock options, warrants and other derivatives.

Our principals have more than 100 years of combined experience in valuation, finance, and accounting. This is the depth and breadth of experience we bring to each valuation assignment. We analyze companies from quantitative and qualitative points of view, always seeking to know the underlying story of the business: where it’s been, where it is now, and where it’s going.

Working from this foundation, we apply the valuation methods most appropriate for the business, and document our analysis in a written report prepared to withstand the harshest scrutiny. Whether or not our work will be used in court, we approach each project with the attention to detail required for litigation. And once we’ve made our objective determination of value, we rigorously defend it.