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Bankruptcy proceedings require valuations in a wide variety of contexts. Initially, both debtors and creditors need valuations to aid in their planning processes. Debtors may require valuation of collateral to test the adequacy of the protection offered to creditors, and creditors may also want to test their assumptions of the value of their claims to predict how they will be treated in court.

Where fraudulent conveyance claims are raised, valuations may be required to determine the adequacy of the considerations paid in the transactions in question. Valuation of asset sales under Section 363 may be required to assure creditors that the assets were sold at fair market value. And when the debtor is emerging from bankruptcy, valuation professionals may be required to determine the value of the business, to issue a solvency opinion, and to issue an opinion as to the reasonableness of the plan of reorganization.

We are prepared to assist debtors and creditors with a variety of valuation tools for each step along the way of the bankruptcy process.