The concept of value was at the very core of The Griffing Group when we began in 1990. It still is.

It’s what we measure. It’s what we bring to every project. And most important to clients, it’s what we deliver.

We approach every challenge — valuing companies, estates, intangible assets, intellectual properties, economic damages, and more — with passion and objectivity. Based on our collective expertise, we find the very essence of every business and asset we value. We communicate those findings in narrative and numbers. And as our track record shows, we successfully defend our conclusions.

Equally important is what we do not do:

  • We do not work mechanically from a single formula or template.
  • We do not simply validate pre-determined conclusions.
  • We do not accept business that undermines our core values.

Our commitment to objectivity is a value we bring to every engagement. Solid results are the value we deliver to our clients. Whether our analysis is used for commercial litigation, financial reporting, marital dissolution, gift or estate tax reporting, or an employee stock ownership plan, The Griffing Group delivers value.

That’s what we do.